Body Nonverbal Communication

Background: In contemporary society, communication is pretty important for people. However, communication is not always easy to do for diverse reasons.

Actually, body language accounts for 55% of effective communication, and even if the language is incomprehensible or stuck in the expression, it can still be conveyed in other ways, such as jewellery.

Inspired by the application of Laban movement analysis in dancing area, the names of these five brooches are: "Excited", "Depressed", "Suspended", "Collapsing", "Elated".

The designer recorded her body movements and transferred them to 3D shapes, and applied colour to each of them to emphasise the differences.

According to the topic, this collection is supposed to be highly interactive with people, no matter the wearer or viewer. The brooches can be set on a table and rock when somebody touches as well as be worn on the body as brooches which tell viewers something related to the wearer. The design method of being movable helps this collection existing with vitality.

Material: Jesmonite, Car paint, Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel

Photograph - Molly Wang

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